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Boulevard Heads to the Sunshine State

Posted by Ian

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KC Brewer’s Beers to Be Sold in Florida

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Brown Distributing Nominated for Craft Beer Distributor of the Year 2014

Posted by Ian

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Brown Distributing has been nominated for the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and Brewers Association (BA) annual award for the Craft Beer Distributor of the Year designation.

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Crush It Like Quint During Shark Week!

Posted by laura

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Looking to party like it's 1975? Narragansett Retro cans are back to help you do just that during one of our favorite times of the year - Shark Week! The 1975 Retro can became famous in the movie Jaws when Robert Shaw's character, Quint, attempted to intimidate Hooper played by Richard Dreyfuss during one of the movie's iconic scenes. We want to help you fear the water all over again!

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Happy IPA Day: All Hail The Hop

Posted by Ian

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There's no doubt that the IPA (India Pale Ale) is the most popular style of American Craft Beer at this moment. What's truly amazing about this style compared to some others is that the hops are the star of the show and we have a lot to celebrate with the hop.

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