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Crush It Like Quint During Shark Week!

Posted by laura

Tags: Florida, Shark Week, Quint, Narragansett, Retro Cans

Looking to party like it's 1975? Narragansett Retro cans are back to help you do just that during one of our favorite times of the year - Shark Week! The 1975 Retro can became famous in the movie Jaws when Robert Shaw's character, Quint, attempted to intimidate Hooper played by Richard Dreyfuss during one of the movie's iconic scenes. We want to help you fear the water all over again!

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Happy IPA Day: All Hail The Hop

Posted by Ian

Tags: IPA Day, Hops, Brown Distributing, Florida

There's no doubt that the IPA (India Pale Ale) is the most popular style of American Craft Beer at this moment. What's truly amazing about this style compared to some others is that the hops are the star of the show and we have a lot to celebrate with the hop.

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Blueberry Maduro Brown BBQ Sauce!

Posted by Ian

Tags: Cigar City Brewing, Blueberries, Maduro Brown Ale, Florida

Happy National Blueberry Month! Yes, July is national blueberry month and in conjunction with such a celebration we are featuring a delicious Blueberry Maduro Brown BBQ Sauce. There are few things that are enjoyed more than a good ole’ fashioned backyard BBQ. So what better way to spend a weekend whipping up this delicious recipe with great friends and delicious beer!

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Angry Chair Signs Distribution Agreement with Brown Distributing

Posted by Ian

Tags: Angry Chair, Tampa Bay, Seminole Heights, Distribution Announcement, Florida, Cigar City

Angry Chair Brewing Company of Seminole Heights might be new but they aren’t new to the game. Co-founder Ryan Dowdle and brewing partner Ben Romano both hail from Tampa Bay’s largest craft brewery, Cigar City Brewing. Together with Co-founder Shane Mozur, Angry Chair is looking to make it’s own mark on Tampa Bay’s beer scene. Ryan who has spent years working in Cigar City’s tasting room will be handling much of the day to day management of the company as well as the tasting room and overall customer experience. Shane, currently working as a project manager at a financial institution, will help to manage the finances and guide the business decisions of Angry Chair, not to mention as an active home brewer he will be actively involved with all other areas of the company while Ben will be focusing his attention on the quality of the beer. Ben, having worked as a brewer at Cigar City, has developed a handful of unique recipes and is known best for some of his decadent imperial stouts like German Chocolate Cake and Tiramisu Imperial Stout as well as his Torcedore’s Series India Pale Lager.

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