Out With the Old, In With the New

Welcome, welcome to the new Brown Website. We have been working diligently for some time now to bring you a new and improved site that's a one stop shop for all you beer people. Whether your a beer lover, beer business, brewer or don't like beer at all (that's right we've got non-beer related stuff too). There are features for everybody. 

Don't mind the dust, we are still working to make it all shiny but the bones are here. We are going to have a blog (obviously if you're reading this), Live Chat Feature, links and feeds to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, a Beerfinder (yup you read that right), Calendar of events, for those businesses out there a distribution map to show you what we can sell in your area and MORE. Needless to say, we're excited. Can you tell? 

If you're reading this and checking out the new digs we just want to say "Thanks for taking a look!" We appreciate your patience with getting everything up to speed and running the way we want. Like the perfect beer recipe, our site may take some trial and error, some tweaking and fine tuning to make it perfect but we can assure you it'll be delicious... Uh we mean great. 

So please keep checking back, saying hello and seeing what we have to offer. We at Brown Distributing Company are all about bringing some of the best crafted products to the consumer and without all of you great producers, businesses and drinkers out there we would just be sitting, sad and alone in a big empty building... so here's to you guys.


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