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American Craft Beer Week has Arrived

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Yup, an entire week devoted to American Craft Beer! What could be a better thing to celebrate? For those Craft Beer Drinkers out there this means an entire week devoted to events, deals and specials tappings/releasings from some of your favorite small, independent American brewers. For those non-craft beer drinkers, it's a chance to see what your missing...a week devoted to educating, trying and exploring all that handcrafted beers can bring to the table. We're not saying that everybody and their mother is going to want to drink craft beer but what we do hope is that you'll try. There are a multitude of flavors and styles that will truly excite anyone. Whether you like big chocolately flavors, or a delicate, light on the pallet, sessionable brew.

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Keep it Classy San Diego

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So you may be wondering, "What's the CBC?" Well, for those in the beer industry, brewers, distributors and everything in between this is the Super Bowl. Now I know what you're thinking, "what about GABF (The Great American Beer Fest)?" Yup, that's a big one too. The GABF is all bout the beer drinkers coming face to face with the guy behind the mash paddle. CBC on the other hand is an opportunity for those in the industry to get all geeked out on the "boring stuff"... The new equipment, canning lines, brew houses, grain suppliers, keg suppliers, gadgets and gizmos a plenty, who's its and what's its galore.

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